[Nautilus-list] Re: Oh no, more feature requests!!

juliano scgas com br (2001-07-25 at 1749.45 -0300):
> 1) Tree sidebar reorganization
> Take a look at: http://www.eps.ufsc.br/~juliano/nautilus/tree.png
> Right now, the sidebar shows the tree as it is. That is, it shows the root
> (/), when expanded shows home, usr, tmp, and so on.
> My suggestion is to mask things a little, making navigation easier. In the
> base of the tree is better to have the user home, the machine (/), and
> removable medias (when mounted). Maybe we can put here the magic desktop
> URIs from RedHat Labs too.
> I think Windows, KDE, Mac work like that.

I think those projects started in monouser places and without
network. Then they tried to solve the problem of computer evolution
with "keep things as they are" approach instead of the "your machine
is now multiuser, you have net, things have changed" approach. KDE
followed, I think. Mac OS X seems to have moved to other style, still
hides but not as others, you still have a full tree, just some part
are hidden until user changes that.

Also, $TMPDIR is /tmp/ most of times. And office projects are not in
$HOME, but in a place everyone can have access to, and not necesarly
under /mnt/, cos the single tree makes things transparent. Or maybe I
want to copy from my sister files, or edit the webpage I am testing
with the local webserver (/var/www/, ie), or do a backup of the
machine config (/etc/) to try something new.

You would have to provide that tree in every file selector, so the
user does not get annoyed by things that move magically. Unix has a
single tree, maybe not the best solution, but at least it can work
without masks, IMHO.

I guess it should be an option for tree, or a new tab, a quick access


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