Re: [Nautilus-list] Chained URIs and archive viewers.

Hi Ian,

> This was non-ideal for a wide range of reasons, primarilly:
>  o It didn't integrate with the concept of a default viewer for a type
>  o Once you had selected a gnome-vfs based "viewer" from the menu you
>    couldn't switch back (because you were now pointing at a different URI).

     The first reason is no problem - all types must have some default if more than
one viewer is available.  Nautilus has the capability of having different defaults
for different user levels, so perhaps the default should be the package view for
beginner and intermediate, and the gzip view for experts.  In any case, the most
recently used view is remembered and used next time, so the default isn't that big
a deal.

        The second reason sounds like a bug, where Nautilus is not determining the
views properly; the same views should be offered, since the type doesn't change.
We should track that down and fix it.

-- Andy

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