Re: [Nautilus-list] Chained URIs and archive viewers.

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 05:37:53PM -0700, Andy Hertzfeld wrote:
> Hi Ian,
>         I don't understand what the UI problem is.  Nautilus has always
> supported multiple views, so opening an RPM should make both the RPM view and
> the icon view (through the gzip filter) available.  I don't understand the
> details of the chaining well enough to know how hard it would be to make OAF
> supply the icon view with a properly modified URI, but I think that's the only
> tricky part.

They way it worked in Nautilus (till I took the code out) was that there was
an association (in the gnome-vfs mime database) between mime-types and uri
schemes. When building the "View as..." menu Nautilus would add a menu item
for each appropriate uri scheme. When selected, these menu items would
navigate to the new chained uri - for example:
  file:///path/to/file.tar -> file:///path/to/file.tar#tar:///

This was non-ideal for a wide range of reasons, primarilly:
 o It didn't integrate with the concept of a default viewer for a type
 o Once you had selected a gnome-vfs based "viewer" from the menu you
   couldn't switch back (because you were now pointing at a different URI).


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