[Nautilus-list] gnome-vfs & gconf build issues

I ran into weird problems with building gconf & gnome-vfs.
First gconf:
The cvs head is not building due to a problem with configure. The script unexpectly die because of an end of file while generating libtool script. Is there some modifications going on...

I'd like to build the gconf-2 version. Is it possible ?

Now gnome-vfs:
First a little problem of not defined memcpy in gnome-vfs-ssl.c from libgnomevfs dir (missing string.h). More serious, the http module do not build due a gconf-2.0 dependency in configure.in. Is this dependency mandatory ? or is it a bug in configure (gconf-1 can also build) ?

Thanks for any help,

		   Remi Cohen-Scali
<Remi Cohen-Scali com> 		<rcoscali rcsnet net>

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