Re: [Nautilus-list] The screenshots made me think....

Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> So the application that's going to be one of the most central gnome apps
> doesn't look like gnome by defautl?!?!? Don't do this please... if you
> think the default gnome settings it to ugly or something, try to replace
> them instead.

I do think that's what people at people at Eazel intend to do. I'm not
talking about the default GNOME settings, but the GNOME look and feel
and UI.
A lot of people at Eazel seem very committed to improving GNOME in this
aspect. After all, a lot of them have worked at Apple :-)

But they also, on the same time, have to finish Nautilus. I think it's
fair to respect that they have to prioritize making Nautilus a
well-polished and mature product before improving all kinds of aspects
with the rest of GNOME.

Take the default GTK+ open/save file selector as an example. People at
Eazel have promised to help out with a redesign of this file selector,
but only after Nautilus 1.0 is finished (I think there is only 24 hours
in a day :-).

So I think it's very wrong to claim that people at Eazel don't want to
improve GNOME as a whole UI-wise. They just have to finish Nautilus
first. Technology-wise, a lot of new technologies from Nautilus has
already benefitted GNOME as a whole (xml-i18n-tools is just one of those
that springs to mind, maybe because I'm translating).
And, as other people have said, defaults can easily be changed by those
packaging Nautilus. Ximian will maybe choose to use the default GNOME
theme in their packaging of Nautilus, or maybe use a Ximian theme.
Likewise, Linux distribution companies and Sun could very well decide to
include a Nautilus that look-wise fits with their company profile.

And finally, if you think Nautilus does not have the same look and feel
as the rest of GNOME, I think this will change in time, maybe in time
for GNOME 2.0 (the 1.4 release is soon to be frozen). But I suspect that
GNOME 2.0 as a whole will use many UI ideas and concepts from Nautilus.


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