[Nautilus-list] The screenshots made me think....


 I have just looked at some the new screenshots of nautilus, I havent
had time to try it out since there are no debian packages available (I
dont like comiling that much...). The first impression is that it's very
good looking, my second thought was how well integrated it is? 

The icons in the toolbar seems to be controled by some internal theme,
isn't it better to use gnome default stock items? And if they are too
ugly,  replace them? Or make them controled by a central gnome theme.
Nautilus is going to be a central gnome application, so it is VERY
important that it is a gnome application and not have it's own look and

There have been some complaints about Nautilus not using system fonts,
have those things been corrected? Or more general, does Nautilus use the
system fonts all over?

And last and most general, how much effort is put in making Nautilus
work as a gnome application, using the gnome look and feel? The reason I
ask is that there are quite a lot of voices around me saying that
Nautilus not got the characteristics of a gnome app. I also read a
review made by a former efm developer that was quite negative, but his
major things was about bad gnome integration.

//Snaggen, still not given up on Nautilus...

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