Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Installation-time performerance preference

Benjamin Kahn wrote:
> I might have an NFS home directory and switch machines a lot.
> (Each with different speeds and video cards.)  Or I might run my setup
> over a remote display, or over a different kind of network.  (Esp. with
> my laptop.)

Good point. Peformance prefs should be stored on a per-display basis,
calculated during the first login from that display.

> If the benchmarks ran at login time, does it effect programs running
> remotely as well as locally?  Am I going to mind that the way a program
> works is changed if I happen to be compiling a large program at startup?
> (Or if someone else is logged into the machine at the same time?)  Can I
> get back to the configuration dialog if I upgrade my machine?  Etc.

Yup, we should allow the user to override the recommended performance
settings, or manually re-run the benchmarks.


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