[Nautilus-list] Re: URLs fixed, some Eazel removed

Darin Adler writes:

On Tuesday, August 21, 2001, at 04:46 PM, Christian Meyer wrote:
I'll search files which rely on nautilus-services.[ch] and nautilus-window-services-ui.[ch]. Is it possible to remove eazel stuff from first time druid. It tries to connect to www.eazel.com (I haven't looked at that code, not sure if it's like that) to look for some nautilus updates. Maybe we can choose another URL for that. When a new version of nautilus exists the druid can inform the user about it. If this isn't feasible we should simply remove that part from the druid.

I believe the Red Hat guys are suggesting removing the druid altogether. Do you know any reason not to do that? (We should discuss this on the list,
 because there they can comment too.)

The Druid isn't necessary IMHO. Instead of it we could implement a better GNOME Welcome than the current one in GNOME 1.4. If we do so, GNOME and Nautilus would better fit together. Maybe it can be combined with XIMIANs/GNOMEs Doorman. But it should be extended a little bit. I recently installed KDE 2.2 on my laptop. They have about the same thing called KPersonalizer. You can adjust KDE for your needs/for your CPU (if it can't handle all that eye-candy stuff). Thoughts? Christian Meyer

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