Re: [Nautilus-list] preferences

Adam Zolkover <wadam OCF Berkeley EDU> writes: 
> If the user levels complicate the preferences code so much, why then,
> should the user level system not be done away with? 

It really isn't the user levels as a whole complicating things. The
only feature there that's really complicating things is per-user-level
defaults. We can still keep per-user-level visibilities, and the
ability to roll back to the default when a pref is invisible.

> I agree that it is
> a good idea, but unless it is implemented throughout GNOME, it sticks
> out like a soar thumb and keeps Nautilus from seeming like an integral
> part of the GNOME desktop. 

Agree that we need to make Nautilus and the whole desktop consistent
here. However I think it might be reasonable to propagate the user
level concept across the desktop, rather than removing it from


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