Re: [Nautilus-list] preferences

On 18 Aug 2001 02:24:11 -0700, Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
> Havoc,
> The complication we discuss below is a result of the user level system. 
> There are a lot of details to get right to support the user level system
> as currently specified.  Either Darin or Sullivan posted a good
> description of the user level system on this list not long ago.
> I agree that some of the implementation details are not the most ideal
> or effecient.  I also agree that in many cases our use of gconf is
> abusive.

If the user levels complicate the preferences code so much, why then,
should the user level system not be done away with?  I agree that it is
a good idea, but unless it is implemented throughout GNOME, it sticks
out like a soar thumb and keeps Nautilus from seeming like an integral
part of the GNOME desktop.  Instead, why not make all of the preferences
into a capplet (or whatever they're going to be calling gnome control
panels in the future).  The new gnomecc has both a place for normal and
advanced settings, so the preferences available to novices currently
could be put in normal, and everything else in advanced.  It would be a
chance to do some rewriting of preferences to clean up the code, and it
would go far toward integration with the rest of GNOME.  I was thinking
about it when I awoke this morning, and it occured to me how much more
consistant GNOME would be.  Some days I wish I could code.


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