[Nautilus-list] preferences

On 17Aug2001 11:19PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm doing a lot of "doh" while reading the nautilus prefs code. It's
> showing up as taking a _lot_ of time in the startup profile.
> Looking at it, apparently on startup, Nautilus takes the default for
> each setting, and sets it somewhere else in the gconf database. So for
> example, /apps/nautilus/defaults/novice/apps/nautilus/preferences
> contains a bunch of defaults for novice userlevel, AFAICT these are
> set on every startup. Hrm, actually we do even better and also set a
> "visibility" key for each pref.
> Before I start in with a massive deletion-fest, I want to understand
> all the issues.

Should this be in gnome-core for desktop wide preferences??? It seems to
me that there should be a first time druid like nautilus had but for
gnome itself.


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