Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

On 15 Apr 2001 01:35:09 -0700, Ben Ford wrote:
> I don't want to clutter my desktop with shit I don't want to see.  Like 
> software I am compiling, nsmail, na_imap (going away when moz quit 
> crashing), public_html, etc.  And I don't want to clutter my $HOME with 
> launcher files etc.
> Like I pointed out before (even tho you got pissed about it) if people 
> can understand when windows does it, why the hell can't they understand 
> when we do it?

This is a really, really weak excuse.  We don't want to create something
that is just as good as windows.  We want to create something that is as
good as it can possibly be.  This is a common complaint on the part of
windows users.  It also is something we have an opportunity to fix.
Let's go for it.

> If you just leave it the way it is, people can use it however they 
> want.  If they want all their shit in the desktop, fine.  Use it.  If 
> they want separate $HOME and desktop, fine, click the "Home" button.

I don't want to have to open a window.  I want it to show up on my
desktop proper.

> If they actually pop open a terminal on purpose, then they are probably 
> clued enough to know the difference.

Just because I know the difference doesn't necessarily mean that I won't
find it more usable to have them be the same.

> It is a non-issue, its a pipe-dream.  Give it up.  It isn't wanted by 
> the majority of your users.

That's a silly thing to say.  We have no way to know whether it's better
without at least some level of user testing, at least putting in an
option and letting people try it out.


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