Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 (possibly 1.2?)

Darin Adler wrote:
> on 4/23/01 7:00 AM, Klaus Herrmann at klaus herrmann gmx net wrote:
> > i think you should really really try to get FreeBSD support into 1.2.
> > (It was ment to be in 1.0.2...). Now that FreeBSD-4.3 is out, people
> > especially aDe <ade freebsd org> are working on the gnome-1.4 port, and
> > nautilus seems to be the major problem.
> > i think people like me would be annoyed if there would be another "big"
> > release of nautilus not running on *BSD :-/
> I think Ramiro is working on this.
>     -- Darin

With Eric Fischer's help, we got Nautilus to build on a FreeBSD
4.2-RELASE machine we have here.

Pavel and I then spent a while trying to debug why Nautilus didn't come
up, while the test programs for everything (bonobo, oaf, gnome-vfs)
worked fine on their own.

Part of the problem we had was that we couldn't even get gdb to work. 
It would just hang and then print a bogus stack.  So we need help from
hardcore FreeBSD hackers to get thing going probably.

The only thing i did today is checkin part of Eric's patch which
happened to be in a CVS tree that I was doing cleanup on. 
Unfortunately, part of Eric's patch has rotten because of ongoing
feature work in Nautilus.


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