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I agree with Darin.  It's really encouraging to see the 3 Ps coming
in: patches, positive feedback and paypal payments.

I also want to confirm that funds received into our Paypal accts are used to
pay people's salaries (well, minutes of them:) - if we were to go out of
business, I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to transfer these funds outside
of the company (there's strict rules about which creditors receive priority
etc.).  So if you'd like to support free software in general, consider
supporting the Free Software Foundation ( or another non-profit

But if you like Nautilus or Eazel Services and would like to pay for them, pls
send in your payments via paypal (paypal eazel com).  We'll send a tshirt to
anyone who contributes at least $20 (make sure to specify your size and
mailing address),


Darin Adler wrote:

> on 4/22/01 3:05 AM, Mario Vukelic at mario vukelic chello at wrote:
> > If the paypal campaign is to generate any meaningful amount of money,
> > there will be more info to the community needed than a posting on /.
> > buried as pid #250 deep in reply to a reply,especially considering the
> > burn rate you had until now.
> This is not a "paypal campaign". Just a PayPal account for people who would
> like to contribute. We aren't expecting this to make a big financial
> difference, but we really do appreciate contributions because of how they
> make us feel about our relationship to the contributors.
>     -- Darin
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