Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Le ven, 13 avr 2001 20:49:32, Pavel Cisler a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> Yeah, you could make exactly the same argument to justify
> 8.3 file naming
> schemes.

8.3 don't impact completion. Having to uppercase the firt
letter of a directory does.

> If you want to stick to arcane legacies like
> that, 

completion is not an arcane legacy. It's the main reason
unix users can hapilly live with cli and dos/windows users

> not using uppercase
> letters in directory names is the way to go. If you want
> to create a user
> friendly system, your argument doesn't fly at all.

Then you can explain us how sticking one uppercased
in the middle of a lowercase hierarchy is supposed to
improve user-friendliness.

> Further, folks who don't care about using the command line
> still put their
> documents into their home directory and put important
> files/symlinks that they
> want to see all the time on the desktop. 

What's wrong with stroring documents in ~ subdirectories (in
a My Documents one if you like), with only important ones in
~ ? What's wrong with having a clear user subtree instead of
this strange gui/cli toplevel schizophreny ? Why do you
think that multiplying symlinks is a good thing ? Not that
symlinks themselves are a great thing, but when one relies
on multiple symlinks to make his hierarchy work I'd say
there is a major problem with the way this hierarchy is


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