Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Le ven, 13 avr 2001 15:21:32, Cesar Cardoso a écrit :
> Em 13 Apr 2001 07:46:22 +0200, Alfonso Landin Piñeiro
> escreveu:
> > Seeing this i think the best solution would be to make
> the home
> > directory the desktop directory (as someone mentioned
> before in this
> > thread). No naming problems, no cycling between both
> direcories (they
> > are the same), all file managers can use the same dir,
> etc...
> Tigert said the very same thing. I don't like it. I prefer
> a ~/Desktop
> thing, 

I hate it :

1. the uppercase D is just not unixish and conflicts with
the whole file hierarchy.

2. it's an i18n nightmare

3. you'll have to explain to new users why they have a
different unix and gui home. The notion of a special
directory is difficult enougth without duplicating it

>it helps to organize your home dir. Throwing
> everything on ~ will
> make it a complete mess.

Just create a subdirectory and drop you old home contents
into it. Have an option to hide all .files on the desktop
root. I really don't see why a mess isn't a mess when it's
not on the desktop. What I see is that two home roots is
very very bad.


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