Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> Well, we use the GnomeVFS library to get a standard interface with a
> defined set of semantics to a variety of filesystems, from local
> posix-like filesystems to remote filesystems (like ftp and WebDAV) and
> virtual filesystems (such as the gphoto one). If we wanted to run
> Nautilus on top of some other kooky filesystem type all we would have
> to do is implement a new GnomeVFS module, or more likely change the
> local file one to understand the new semantics.

cool.  i was thinking in particular about our university's netware SAN,
which has VERY sparse support for whiz-bang features like capital letters
(which could be enabled, but the uni doesn't seem to want to pay the price
in RAM to load the right modules) but is remote-mountable by large numbers
of machines with lots of weird demands.

so what does gnomevfs tend to do with filesystems that don't have support
for cap-letters?  i admit that i'm not that familiar with it :)  does it
translate the characters into something that can actually be stored and
read back by gnomevfs?  or what?


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