Re: [Muine] NEW PRELEASE: 0.8.1pre1

On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 18:44 -0700, Brian Nickel wrote:
> >     Anyway, does anybody except me here think that new "Play" label on
> >     the PlaylistWIndow play button looks kinda ugly and generally redundant?
> >
> >
> > I too think the play button should have no text. Otherwise the other
> > buttons next to it should also have text for consistency in the GUI.
> > E.g. "back" and "forward" text.
> I disagree, this is "Priority text". In my web browser, "Back" is the
> only button that has text by it, and as it's the most used button, it
> should have text by it. In Muine,  Play, Play Song, and Play Album are
> typically used significantly more than Next, Previous, and Volume, and
> deserve text besides them.
> Perhaps Muine should follow "/desktop/gnome/interface/toolbar_style",
> the current appearance being "both_horiz" adding, "both" for
> everything having text, "icon" for no text, and "text" for text
> without icons.

Awww, I was just about to say that.  I guess I can scrap the email I was
writing :(

I didn't really think too much about it before, but I saw this mentioned
not too long ago as an addition to the Industrial Firefox theme(1) and I
really liked it.  The text isn't necessarily essential to knowing what
the button's supposed to do, but it makes it stand out, and it's a
bigger target so it's easier to hit.  Now I've noticed that Evolution
does this with the toolbar buttons when you're using the "Text beside
icons" mode, only putting text next to the most commonly used buttons.  

Good job Jorn, or whoever suggested adding this to Muine.  

Matthew Good <muine matt-good net>

(1) see:

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