Re: [Muine] iRadio mockup

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 00:36, Link Dupont wrote:
> W. Andrew Fergusson wrote:
> > This probably won't be all that popular, but since we're talking about 
> > mp3 streams, and buffering, how about adding some stream-ripper type 
> > abilities so you can save a clip of a song. So you won't have to deal 
> > with pausing, you'd just save what's left of the song, or save the next 
> > song? This could be illegal in the states, but at present in Canada it 
> > is not.
> True, I'm in the States though, so I didn't really think of said 
> feature. It'd be neat, though almost certainly illegal.

Hmm, I am not a lawyer either, but clipping could be argued as legal in
the US. One could say that it is the same as Tivo, where one saves the
video for future viewing. 

This feature would indeed be great for the radio application. 

Viet Yen

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