Re: [Muine] Re: Muine UI idea for the future


> Shuffle Playlist -- Absolutely
> Repeat Song -- Yes, and I was preparing to suggest
> that, too. Now you've been quicker than me. But: 
> there should be an easy way to either) Repeat Song
> or) Repeat Album or) Repeat Playlist. Maybe even
> "Repeat Interpret". I'm still wondering hard about a
> good way to do this.

I mentioned these two in my previous mail..

> Visualization Plugins -- Of course! But why in the GUI?
> (hey, that rhymes)! I can see what a fun thing they
> are _in_fullscreen_mode_. But please not in a GUI.
> It's meant to be usable, not pretty.

I agree.

> Volume -- You didn't add the volume control button,
> still it is a little disturbing. We already have one in the
> GNOME panel (by default, so it's somebody's own fault
> if they remove it). That's exactly what makes Windows
> so confusing to new users: the myriards of ways to do
> the same thing.

Yea, I see this can be a bit confusing.. however, in a proper, quality
audio system (for which I am muine to be used):
- The volume of the external amplifier is set to a good level (right
volume for the volume range that is controlled by the application, good
S/N ratio, etc) - it never needs to be changed again
- The volume of the sound card is set to a good level for the same
reasons, and not changed
   Currently the gnome-panel volume applet sets this, which I think is
bad for exactly these reasons.
- The applications have their own volume. For example, Muine could be
set to a very mellow background volume.. while retaining the good S/N
ratio that was set up by calibrating the system volumes. At the same
time gnomemeeting's volume could be fully turned up, the volume being
higher than that of Muine so that the person talking can be understood
well, but still having background music. And, while the volume is maxed
out, the S/N ratio still is good .. (with many soundcards the S/N radio
goes bork for high or low *system* volumes)



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