Re: [Muine] Re: Muine UI idea for the future

Hi Everybody.

Wow, there really is no place where you would not 
be able to meet you Eugenia. I'm impressed :-)

I've also been using Muine exclusively since I got it
installed (thanks again, Jorn), so I was pretty excited
to see some of your (in)famous UI mockups.

Allow to comment me on them.

Shuffle Playlist -- Absolutely

Repeat Song -- Yes, and I was preparing to suggest
that, too. Now you've been quicker than me. But: 
there should be an easy way to either) Repeat Song
or) Repeat Album or) Repeat Playlist. Maybe even
"Repeat Interpret". I'm still wondering hard about a
good way to do this.

Visualization Plugins -- Of course! But why in the GUI?
(hey, that rhymes)! I can see what a fun thing they
are _in_fullscreen_mode_. But please not in a GUI.
It's meant to be usable, not pretty.

Volume -- You didn't add the volume control button,
still it is a little disturbing. We already have one in the
GNOME panel (by default, so it's somebody's own fault
if they remove it). That's exactly what makes Windows
so confusing to new users: the myriards of ways to do
the same thing.

Other than that -- In my opinion Muine should (for the
most part of it) stick to its current GUI. The UIs seen
in muine1.png and muine3.png are so... I don't know,
complicated already again.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the issue. Would be
cool to further discuss them with you here.

Cheers, Raphael

Raphael Schmid
Martin-Luther-Strasse 26
72224 Ebhausen

raphael arrivingarrow net

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