Re: Hildon on MeeGo

On Tue, Jun 01, 2010 at 10:08:12AM +0200, Cornelius Hald wrote:

> I think, the question is: How do we get Hildon running on MeeGo
> handsets? To me that's a purely technical subject and has nothing to
> do with politics and other "what might happen in the future" stuff
> that has been discussed here.

Pre-Maemo5 versions had already been available in Debian and early
versions of Moblin (in fact I had released a Moblin version of the
Vagalume client back then[1]). Later versions are also in
Debian[2] (compiling against upstream GTK by the way).

I think the hardest think is all the HildonStackableWindow stuff,
which on the other hand is very tied to how the Maemo window manager

And then there's all the changes in Maemo-GTK, which should be ported
to the latest version. Although on the other hand it appears that
Meego is not going to switch to GTK 3.0...[3]



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