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On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 01:02:45 +0100
>>>>>> "Alberto" == Alberto Garcia >>>>>> wrote:

Alberto> I'm with Stefan, you shouldn't have many problems in making it
Alberto> buildable on both versions. Hildon provides some widgets, but
Alberto> most of the UI code should be standard GTK.

That's clear.

Alberto> As a matter of fact I am developing an app (Vagalume) that
Alberto> runs on the desktop, Maemo (v4), Moblin (v1), Win32 and even
Alberto> OpenMoko with very few changes (a new version is on the works
Alberto> but it hasn't been released yet).

Hmm, interesting...Moblin-v1 is quite old, right?

Alberto> The thing is that, although Moblin 2 looks good and promising,
Alberto> Maemo 5 is already on the mainstream market and there is a lot
Alberto> of potential in it, so I think that the effort is worth it.

One consideration is that, afaik, Moblin runs on more hardware devices
than Maemo, i.e. there are much more different netbooks than Nokia
devices available.

Alberto> The future of GTK/Hildon in Maemo 6 is not clear yet, though
Alberto> there has been some debate about it and I wouldn't be
Alberto> surprised if a version of GTK/Hildon for Maemo 6 appears in
Alberto> the future. 

Well, afaik, it's clear that Qt will be default toolkit and based on
the comments on 'Maemo talk', Nokia even has problem to provide
one-multiplatform-solution even with Qt, so I'm highly doubtful they
will push GTK/Hildon in Maemo 6.

Alberto>There are already quite a few GTK apps available
Alberto> for the N900 and I'm sure there will be interest in having
Alberto> them available in Maemo 6.

This could be from the community side in order to keep it alive for
some time, but seeing how much support is given by Nokia to old OS, my
belief is that GTK/Hildon's future is not bright.

Anyway, thank you for the input.



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