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In last days I'm researching the Net to find out what would be the best
platform to focus on for developing a 'lite' version of desktop app
meant to be run on devices like Nokia N900 - I'm not sure if this
device falls in the category of MID or smart-phones.

Since I plan to use Haskell with GTK+ bindings for desktop app, I'd
like to stay with GTK+ libs and to minimise the effort of porting the
app for MID/smart-phone.

The N900 runs on Maemo-5 which uses Hildon framework, but it is already
known that Harmattan will be based on Qt and the Hildon will be
'community-supported' as I'm told from the people workin on Mer. 

It certainly means it will have some more life, but I'm curious what is
the future of further development of Hildon framework? Does
GNOME-mobile has something else on the plate?

The natural alternative to Maemo/Hildon(Mer) is, of course, Moblin, but
based on the info I've collected so far, it's dubious if Intel will be
able to provide smart-phone based on Moorestown platform or we'll have
to wait for its Medfield successor?

Moblin Core doc* says: "Moblin Core is built on the GNOME Mobile
platform...",  and "Moblin Core will follow the GNOME Mobile 6 month
release cycle (starting with 2.26 in 2009) staying in sync, retaining
compatibility and contributing improvements back to the GNOME Mobile
and Desktop platforms." so I wonder if one wants to develop with GTK+,
does it mean that Moblin is better option providing, at least, the same
support for both GTK & Qt which, I believe, is not the case with
Nokia's Maemo?




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