Re: [guadec-list] Mobile track at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit?

Hi Eduardo,

My intention is to run a mobile day during the conference, after the
core days.

This day will likely be on Tuesday or Wednesday after the main conference.

If anyone has a preference, shout now! (there are already some things in
potential conflict which might take core constituents of GNOME Mobile
elsewhere, such as the GNOME Foundation advisory board meeting).


Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) wrote:
> [Intentionally cross-posting to GMAE, GUADEC and GCDS]
> Hi all,
> As seen in previous editions of both GUADEC and Akademy, there has
> been growing interest in presentations focused on mobile/embedded
> environments. In fact, I've even presented a talk during GUADEC in
> 2007 covering the experience of porting GNOME apps to the Maemo
> platform.
> I've done a quick search around and haven't found any specific
> discussion on this subject yet. The GCDS schedule doesn't cover it
> neither. So, is there a chance for a "mobile track" or even having
> presentations focused on the mobile and embedded platforms in GCDS?
> Best regards, Etrunko.

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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