Re: [Gcds] Mobile track at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit?


I have a feeling that among Nokia related talks in both Akademy &
GUADEC, we can co-ordinate to make sure that we have no clashes and have
a mobile-themed half day in both.

Also, I will be inviting people who have proposed mobile-related BOFs to
run them as part of the GNOME Mobile day, to give a more
development-edge to the day than we have had in previous sessions. We're
definitely going to be concentrating on improving the mobile application
platform and the user & developer experience, through things like
GeoClue, PulseAudio, Tracker & Nepomuk, Telepathy, synchronisation and more.

If we can have part "current GNOME Mobile components we should explain &
evangelise", part "New modules we should consider integrating", and part
"stuff that doesn't exist that we should be creating/liberating", that
would be a good day. I'm thinking it would be good to aim for about 20%
round-table/60% technical BOF/20% strategic BOF/brainstorm.


Henri Bergius wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 10:34 PM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
>> I too would like to see a mobile and embedded track at GCDS. When I asked
>> about it I was told the tracks evolve from the talks we have
>> submitted. So
>> perhaps we should encourage people on the mobile list to submit lots of
>> talks!
> We are submitting a proposal about GeoClue and libchamplain. While we
> also talk about desktop use, mobile track would be quite a natura home
> for the talk.
>> Stormy
> /Henri
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