Re: AIGLX / XGL related work

On 10/7/06, Saikat Guha <saikat cs cornell edu> wrote:
Is this the right forum to discuss 2D graphics acceleration related RFEs
to Metacity (along the lines of what Compiz does)? Are there development
efforts in progress where I can be of assistance?

Yes.  Soeren has been maintaining that part of metacity so you'll have
to ask him for details (he should be on this list, so it may just mean
waiting a bit).  There unfortunately hasn't been a lot of
communication in this area, but I seem to be hearing through the
grapevine that Soeren and others working on metacity acceleration may
have decided to instead work on compiz.  You are of course welcome to
work on metacity's compositor, I'm just pointing that out to let you
be aware of things.

If the rumors are true, I would like to assist the compiz folks by
getting metacity's window management capabilities into it (at least
the ones that make sense; e.g. wireframe is probably better left in
metacity since I don't see why anyone using compiz would want it).
And hopefully do it in a way that shares those abilities between the
two, though I'm worried that may be more work than independently
maintaining the abilities in both..

Anyway, hopefully Soeren can point out more details...

Hope that helps,

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