AIGLX / XGL related work

Is this the right forum to discuss 2D graphics acceleration related RFEs
to Metacity (along the lines of what Compiz does)? Are there development
efforts in progress where I can be of assistance?

Compiz is currently the commonly used window-manager for acceleration
enabled desktops (aiglx/xgl). I, for one, prefer metacity over compiz
(omitting compiz rant).

Below is the list of eye-candy that I find useful in compiz and would
like to help implement in Metacity:
1. Fade-in newly created windows and menus; Fade-out closed windows 
   and menus; Organic minimize and maximize
   - Makes the desktop experience feel very smooth and seamless
2. Exposé (think MacOS) type view of all open windows 
   - Easy to switch between windows or keep an eye on multiple
     windows without changing their actual size.
3. Alt-Tab strip (think Vista style)
   - See contents of window in the strip
   - Dim other windows in the background except for selected
4. Real transparency

Next, list of eye-candy that I don't use but can see being useful:
1. Desktop on a cube
   - Each workspace on a cube, rotate cube when switching
   - (I use a single workspace)
2. Workspace Strip
   - See adjacent workspaces in a film-strip (up to 3)

Compiz stuff I don't care much about (have disabled):
1. Wobbly windows or menus
2. Rain or water droplet on desktop effect
3. Zooming into or out of windows
   - Perhaps reasonable from an accessibility standpoint
     but not really the window-manager's job


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