Re: wine's fullscreen code has no effect on metacity

"Elijah Newren" <newren gmail com> wrote:

Ugh.  Apparently, I busted our fullscreen handling in metacity>=2.14.x
in lots of cases in addition to problems we've being talking about in
this thread.  See
if you're curious.  Anyway, I think I've fixed all those issues, and I
believe my fixes should cover this last issue of yours (making windows
return to the original size correctly).  Is there any chance I could
get you test (with metacity 2.15.34) and verify?  (You could also
backport the patch from bug 343115...)

Since I'm on FC4 I can't test latest Metacity releases because it
requires newer GTK, and backporting is not really possible since
version 2.10 provided with FC4 is too different from 2.15.x series.


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