Re: wine's fullscreen code has no effect on metacity

On 8/7/06, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry codeweavers com> wrote:
"Elijah Newren" <newren gmail com> wrote:

> Anyway, the returning from fullscreen mode bug makes perfect sense,
> and I'm pretty sure I know the cause: metacity tries to return the
> window to the size it was before it was fullscreened, and it sounds
> like it was successful in this case.  Remember that the application
> resized itself to the size of the screen, then you (wine) noticed that
> and decided to send the fullscreen toggle message.  Thus, the size the
> window had before being fullscreen, happened to be a size equal to the
> size of the screen.  Since wine has added heuristics for detecting
> when an app sets its size to the size of the screen, I think it either
> needs to add heuristics for resizing back to normal size, or to just
> have the fullscreen toggle message replace the apps' resizing commands
> instead of supplementing them.

Wine asks a WM to switch off the fullscreen state as a result of
app's request to change its window size to something less than
a screen resolution. So, the fix would be to change Metacity to
not restore window's size if it's no more the same as it was before
entering the full screen state.

Ugh.  Apparently, I busted our fullscreen handling in metacity>=2.14.x
in lots of cases in addition to problems we've being talking about in
this thread.  See
if you're curious.  Anyway, I think I've fixed all those issues, and I
believe my fixes should cover this last issue of yours (making windows
return to the original size correctly).  Is there any chance I could
get you test (with metacity 2.15.34) and verify?  (You could also
backport the patch from bug 343115...)

Thanks for all the help!

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