Re: wine's fullscreen code has no effect on metacity

On 8/6/06, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd+d41d gmail com> wrote:
The patches in comments #13 and #5 had no effect.

I didn't try #2 because firefox doesn't change the screen resolution.

#2, #5, and #13 were all alternative versions of patches for the same
issue for the "Thief" game.  It's not surprising that these don't
affect firefox, as all were just meant to help in the case of screen
resolution changing.

#6 didn't apply cleanly (I'm using metacity 2.14.3--I tried to get the
latest version from cvs, but it requires a newer gtk than I have).
After applying it, firefox is fixed, except that when returning from
fullscreen mode the window is bigger than it had been (unless it was

Actually, that's because Dmitry was using an older version.  The patch
actually appiled to head would have also applied to 2.14.3.  :)
Anyway, the returning from fullscreen mode bug makes perfect sense,
and I'm pretty sure I know the cause: metacity tries to return the
window to the size it was before it was fullscreened, and it sounds
like it was successful in this case.  Remember that the application
resized itself to the size of the screen, then you (wine) noticed that
and decided to send the fullscreen toggle message.  Thus, the size the
window had before being fullscreen, happened to be a size equal to the
size of the screen.  Since wine has added heuristics for detecting
when an app sets its size to the size of the screen, I think it either
needs to add heuristics for resizing back to normal size, or to just
have the fullscreen toggle message replace the apps' resizing commands
instead of supplementing them.

Hope that helps,

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