Re: always on top window

On 8/4/06, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes <cerdiogenes yahoo com br> wrote:

Is it possible in Metacity, and in other window managers, create a
always on top window? What I want to mean with it is a window that is
never obscured by any other window while the desktop is running, like
the overlay window that was introduced in X11R7.1.

I'm working in gnome-mag and I need a always on top window to make it
works smoother in X11R7.0 using COMPOSITE, since override_redirect
windows can appear on top of it. Since, I can't be a window manager and
select SubstructureRedirectMask, because Metacity already selected it.

Selecting SubstructureRedirectMask would do no good for
override_redirect windows anyway; override redirect windows are so
named, because the Xserver overrides or ignores redirects for them
(such as the substructure redirect).

The better I achieve was raise the mag window when a CreateNotify,
MapNotify, ConfigureNotify and CirculateNotify event is received, but
this is not smooth enough, since it's possible to see the window that
appear on top of the mag win before the raise of the last.

The compositing manager might be able to do something about this, but
I know nothing about that side of things.  cc'ing Soeren.

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