Re: Merging spif-2 branch

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 10:40 +0000, Bill Haneman wrote:
> Hmm, general is good IMO, can't we just have some simple 
> rendering-pipeline API so that image ops can be chained ?  i.e. "add 
> this image operator to the CM's pipeline at the beginning/end".

General in that sense maybe sure (that sounds like it's general enough
to support several different magnifier things). What I mean is that a
lot of WMs implemented a "plugin" system which was basically "plugins
can muck around arbitrarily in the WM internals" and I don't care to go
there for sure, and I wouldn't want to start designing plugin APIs
without a lot of use-cases in mind. I don't think there are many
use-cases since most things people want to do can be done with libwnck.
So I think just having whatever API the magnifier needs is fine. 

All I'm saying is, hopefully nobody starts overengineering things
here ;-) just figure out what the magnifier needs to do and add that.

> Yes; see cvs module gnome-mag, GNOME_Magnifier.idl.

Nice, that's not too complex.


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