Re: Merging spif-2 branch


Some fairly random thoughts looking through here. I did not look at
compositor.c much; I'm going to consider that file maintained by you I
think and only comment on core WM changes.

"Ws *ws" doesn't read very well (what's a Ws?)

This code seems to raise a red flag about future bugs:

+      meta_display_ungrab (display);
+      meta_compositor_manage_screen (screen->display->compositor,
+				     screen);
+      meta_display_grab (display);

Essentially anytime we have a display grab, we can't call a
meta_compositor_*, right, or it will deadlock on the other display
connection... probably inevitable, but it might be interesting to put in
assertions that will quickly track any such bug down, I don't know

Or maybe we should explicitly adopt a model where the compositor is
async with respect to the main WM, i.e. all core->compositor messages go
in a queue... ? does it end up basically working that way anyway due to
the two X connections?

Where you removed the damage_window in begin/end grab op... what
replaces that? (Does wireframe even work with a compositor? What is the
interaction there?)

I think the error.c change could use a comment about when that happens,
just "/* error traps could be 0 if the error is from another display */"

This change doesn't look related to the rest of the patch?
-          meta_workspace_focus_default_window


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