Re: [ #12158] Application received from Mostafa Daneshvar (lashar AT

On 08/16/2011 09:42 PM, Bruno Boaventura via RT wrote:
The GNOME Membership Committee is about to process Mostafa Daneshvar's
application to become a GNOME Foundation Member and therefore we would
like to receive some feedback about the applicant and the GNOME-related
(past and present contributions are usually fine)

To the members of the Membership committee;

Even though I have had some type of interaction with the applicant, I
don't really have an insight into what his contributions to GNOME have
been, other than knowing that he is a GNOME user and seem to be an
advocate. Based on the very little view I have into his contributions, I
don't feel that I'd be doing my job vouching for his membership at this

Og B. Maciel
Foresight Linux Community Manager

omaciel foresightlinux org
ogmaciel gnome org

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