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Bruno Boaventura wrote:
[...] we
need to do some things (as you can see on ):

4.3- update the Foundation website (source in as
foundation-web module);

Well, I have updated the site a bit and the current elections are now linked from the main elections page.

The rules.wml needs at least a review.
I think I double check the dates mentioned in there but it's crucial that a second pair of eyes looks after then.

There are two paragraphs, which need special attention:

        The Elections Committee is responsible for counting the votes.

I am not aware of any Election Committee yet. If there is none, I'd replaces Elections Committee with Membership Committee.

        The 7 candidates who receive the most votes will be elected, except
        that no more than two/four individuals affiliated with any one
        corporation may be elected. Should more than four of the top eleven
        vote-getters be affiliated with the same company, only the four with
        the most votes will be considered elected. For a full definition of
        corporate affiliation, see the <a href="../../about/charter/">GNOME
        Foundation charter</a>.

This might need an update due to the new voting mechanism. I'd also include a link to the announcement, that the voting mechanism has changed.

If these issues are resolved and someone else reviewed the site, I'd like it from the elections/2009 index site so that it gets accessible.

Happy Hacking,

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