Re: GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections Spring 2009 - Preliminary results

Anyway, I want to insist that, in my opinion, we were using Maemo
including the counting algorithm. I believe that this « using Maemo »
reasonnably clear. People interested in the algo should have challenged
before the election. [...]

Given that I think you've slightly misunderstood the current situation,
does that statement still hold? :)


Thanks for the explanation :-)

I have a question though : does the randomness affects our election ? Is
it possible to have another result with the primary voting mechanism ?

If not, I would think we have to stick to this first method (for the sake
of honnesty, because we were thinking of using that before the vote) but,
as you may have seen, I'm not familiar at all with all that stuff.

If the randomness affects our result then I think we don't have any
discussion to have, we don't have really the choice but to use the
non-random method.



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