Re: Minutes of meeting

ACTION: Baris to work on the automatic mails
Done. I've setup cron job for the script. And will watch it couple of

Now I'll try to get read-only mysql account, and ask if there's more
reliable place to put script in.  (there should be somewhere better than
my home directory). 

ACTION: Vincent to look at the proposal to improve election process
        sent during last elections

I've sent Ryan an e-mail to resubmit his proposal to MC adding Vincent
to CC. 

Almost forgetting, can someone please check the form letter at l.g.o?
There wasn't 'Need to renew' template, so I grab the 'No need to renew'
one and altered it. Since I did same thing in past, and screwed once,
can someone please take a look at it and if so please reword. I'll
update the text in the script as soon as it gets updated. 

For quick reference:

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