Guidelines for Foundation membership


The membership committee is (still) having issues with the guidelines
for the Foundation membership. The problem mainly occurs for some
translators (hence, I'm cc'ing Christian and Danilo), but it occurs for
some other people too.

So instead of just talking, let's take some examples (note that in some
cases, we did not contact the contacts in the applications yet):

Translator example:

Non-translator example:

Right now, some of these applications are in the "we're not sure the
contributions are enough" situation...

One solution is to simply say "accept" for these applications (if the
board thinks it's okay for these ones). This will make things easier for
us :-)

Another solution is to tell people that they should be active since at
least 6 months in the GNOME community. And then, if an applicant is
contributing since at least 6 months, we simply accept him (even if
there's not a lot of contributions). This solution also has the
advantage that it'll be a stock answer for people who apply just after
they start contributing...

So, what do the board think? Christian, Danilo, your input is also


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