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On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 11:35 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
On Ven 3 septembre 2004 11:14, Gael Chamoulaud a Ãcrit :
Hi all,


Thanks for this useful summary

Ditto from me.

We have these non-processed applications in your basket:

- Alexander Shopov

Seems ok to me as he's the coordinator for the bulgarian translation. We
might want to ask Christian if the translation is going well first,


- Srinath C

Seems a bit too soon to me. I'd recommend we tell him to reapply once he
has made more contributions.

Would be too premature.

- Amanpreet Singh Alam

Seems ok to me, but we might want to ask Christian again :-)

From what I know, the Punjabi team has been working at a tremendous
speed - but a confirmation from Christian would be better.

- Gareth Owen

Not sure. We should ask Bastien what he thinks.


- Hugo Varela Placencia

I'd say ok for GNOME Chile. Need to verify, though.

OK from me (subject to verification).

- Runa Bhattacharjee

Sayamindu: what do you think about this one? I'd say it's ok according to
the current guidelines, but I'm not sure...

Runa Bhattacharjee has been working *a lot* for the Bengali GNOME
translation team (she recently got CVS access), and I would say that her
application is OK. (from what I know, Taneem Ahmed, her primary contact
is busy right now - last time I heard from him, he was raising funds for
the flood affected in Bangladesh).

- Benedikt Christopeit

Same answer as before: I'd like to ask Sven...


- Tunde chris bello

Didn't we ask him more informations? IIRC, we did. If he did not answer,
then we can't accept him.
Ah yes, here it is:


There's these ones too:

andrius gustas:
Note that I don't think it's a renewal...
We should ask for more information, but he did not mention any contact.
I think we should ask him to give more precisions.


David SedeÃo FernÃndez:
A developer for an external application. I'm not sure, I think his
application should be part of 5th toe before we accept him.



Sayamindu Dasgupta (ààààààààà àààààààà)

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