Re: Applications processed + future renewals

Le Mon, 15 Sep 2003 00:01:16 -0500, Eric Baudais a ecrit :

The suggestion of having a separate applications table depends on
what information is going to be entered in the table.  If the
application table is supposed to contain the application from the
web form then it makes sense.  However if the application table
will just duplicate most of the information in the member's table
then it doesn't.  You would be duplicating the same information in
two different tables.

I'd like to have an "application" table with alle the informations
in an application so we could point the last application of a
member. Might be useful. This way we could see the application
online and just click to say accept or deny...

I don't think you need to have an appliations table in the database. 
It will not be hard to just display the applications by searching for
the undetermined status of the members.  I could make a separate page
which just displays the active applications.

Well, you don't have all the informations of the application in the
database (e.g. the contacts, or the summary). And it might be useful to
save the applications so we can have an history of them... Just my
0.02$, of course :-)

I'd like to migrate to the database soon, but we should really test
the thing before. What has to be done before we can test it ?

I need to integrate these changes and get the email notification
system done before I'm ready to test it.  Unfortunately I don't have a
net connection so I don't know when this will be done.  Maybe in
another month.

That's not a problem : it doesn't sound reasonable to switch to the new
system before the elections. We'll have enough work with these


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