Elections of the new board

Hi all

We're already in September and we should think a bit about the elections
which will happen in November. So, the question is : do you have any
comment about the previous elections ? Something that should be better ?

Here are some (more or less) random comments :
  * I should write a doc about the previous elections
  * use gnomedesktop.org to get some questions we could post to the
  * clarify a bit the vote instructions so there are no confusion
  * don't use only the e-mail address of the members to produce their
    key to the vote
  * use one of the gnome.org machine to send the vote mails (I used my
    server and had some problems...)

Glynn : does the board have any special plan for the elections ? For
example, there was some discussion about using an online vote process...

We should come with a calendar for the elections before October so the
board can approve it.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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