Application received from Anne Østergaard (anne oestergaard nu)

Contact Information:
Name: Anne Østergaard
E-mail: anne oestergaard nu nickname (if any): username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

I have been part of the GUADEC organization in Dublin 2003 and in Copenhagen 2001.

I Copenhagen I was on the local host committee and for Dublin this year I was part of the GUADEC -planning 
committee as specifically responsible for identifying and inviting public sector key representatives and 
officials to attend and speak on User Day.

I am continuing a dialogue on GNOME with these representatives and where possible attending conferences on 
subjects of interest to The GNOME Foundation.

Detailed description:
- I try to be a link to persons with a non- technical background 

 - I participate in national and international public administration projects and conferences

- I try to get more females interested in using GNOME 

I think that most board members and a few other guys have met me in person in Copenhagen, Seville or Dublin;))

Other comments:
I do Nordic and European advocacy and events for GNOME and represent the viewpoints of 
The GNOME Foundation.

Some of my priorities are:

- Free and open standards and free file formats. 

This is relevant to al software interoperability including the question of i.e. KDE-GNOME interoperability.

- A levelled playing field in public procurement

I work for the establishment of a levelled playing field in public procurement in  legislation as well as in 
administrative practice.

[Application received at Wed Sep 17 11:06:57 2003 (Eastern time)]

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