Re: Foundation Website makeover

Hi Vincent!  I snipped the board from the reply-list here, I don't know
that they need to be copied.

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 08:20, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le Mardi 09 septembre 2003, a 15:56, Glynn Foster a ecrit :
Hey guys,

Was there any progress made on I know that there
was work done on the branch, but is there any reason why this is
stalled? We want to put a link of thanks to some lawyers that have been
helping us out, so I can easily do that on the old site if we still have
to wait a few weeks on the new one.

Well, I didn't even know someone was working on updating I browsed a bit the archives of
membership-committee and saw no mention of that.

Sorry about not informing you guys...  I had some time that was set
aside to work on, but when Jeff didn't come through, I had
to look for somewhere else to work.  The foundation site was the only
one that nobody had touched yet, so it seemed a good place to go.  I was
planning on sending a note to membership-committee once I had things
ready, but I guess I need to speak sooner, or work faster.  :)

Anyway... Maybe I can help, but I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time to
work on this if there's a lot to do.

Well, there is a huge amount to do, and yet, not very much.  The stuff
that blocks on me is relatively small.  But the website is horribly out
of date, and not especially well structured.  I'd like those to get
corrected, and was planning on applying to work with the membership
committee on getting all of that up to date.  Let me know if you've got
any questions,

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