Re: GNOME Foundation Membership - Denied

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 13:04, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le Jeudi 19 septembre 2002, a 11:01, Glynn Foster a ecrit :
Hey there,

Hey Glynn
(do we still need to use the membership gnome org alias ?)

Nope, I was just a little unsure of what membership-committee gnome
consisted of at the time ;)

Not that I want to tell you your jobs [far, far from it] but it would be
good to get a quick reply organized for this - to keep the momentum up a
little ;) 

You're right. My personal feeling is that developping a GNOME app is
enough if the app is useful to the GNOME desktop.

However, I do think that we should freeze the applications processing.
I'm really sad because of Mike's resignation. But if we continue like
this, I believe we will do the same. The policy has to be clarified,
maybe rewritten. It seems the community wants the GNOME Foundation to be
more open than what the policy allows.

Definitely, I completely agree that we should probably close up shop
here for a few days - I think I probably wrote this mail before I new
that Mike had decided to resign ;(

                Still just catching up...hum hum..

                                Glynn :)

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