Re: This is now a proper Mailing List

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 00:46, Mike Newman wrote:
OK, we've gone public. Thanks to Greg this is now a proper mailing list.

Great stuff ;)

For reasons of transparency - the applications and renewals should
probably also be archived, so I'll alter the script in foundation-web to
point here. Apologies if this messes up people's mail filters (mine too,
if that helps :)

Okay, I've gone ahead and done this given the circumstances - hope this
is okay. I've also subscribed 'gnome-membership gnome org' to the list,
since otherwise we'll have to approve each mail from the web form - of
course I've also set it to receive no mail :)

If anyone has any major objections to discussing business in public,
perhaps now is a good time to air them. However, in my experience I
think everyone is doing good work, and making sensible decisions.

Absolutely none from me - although I'm not really on the commitee
anymore ;)

I know we have had some less-than-positive press in recent days, but
this is not entirely the current committee's problem. There is a real
acknowledgement that we are dealing with things in the best way we can
given the policies and prior decisions we have inherited. 

Definitely, and you all know my feelings on this.

What happens next I can't say for sure. But keep processing
applications! :)


                                Glynn :)

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