Re: GIO style remote URIs support

On 18 July 2015 at 18:45, Märt Põder <tramm p6drad-teel net> wrote:
It seems to me that Meld 3.12.3 for some reason happens to support URIs like:

sftp://user server:port/path

I presume it's not protocol specific (I also tried plain FTP and it seemed to work too).
It'd be good if we can figure out, why are these URIs enabled and what does enable it. And I get my version 
number which I can use for packaging the feature requested for Nautilus Compare (of course, I could just 
test it in the wild and come up with some estimation).

So my best guess is... Meld doesn't support this at all, and gio/gvfs
(or something) is magically mounting it as a local filesystem and
giving us a path. I'm pretty confident that *something* like this must
be happening, purely because I'm currently in the (very very slow)
process of trying to move Meld's file handling from using Python's
file-only APIs to using GIO for file access.

As for why it happens to work on newer versions, I really couldn't
say. It could be the GnomeVFS support removal that that bug report
points to, or... something else entirely. There have been several
changes to command-line argument parsing (including in 3.13) which
could also affect the behaviour. The bottom line is that it's not
officially supported yet, and I'm surprised whenever I hear that it
apparently kind-of works.


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