Re: GIO style remote URIs support

It seems to me that Meld 3.12.3 for some reason happens to support URIs like:

sftp://user server:port/path

I presume it's not protocol specific (I also tried plain FTP and it seemed to work too).

Support for these URIs is also reported in the bug tracker I referred in [2] of my previous message. If I 
install Meld 3.12.3 on my Ubuntu 14.04 I have support for these URIs, however default Meld 1.8.4 on the same 
system doesn't support them yet. So there must be something enabling it in Meld or the way it's packaged. 
Remote URIs are also reported to work on Debian Jessie with Meld 3.12.1.

However if I look at the date of the bug report which makes the feature request for enabling these URIs as 
possible input for Meld, it's already from 2013-06-27 and I presume Meld had the support for these URIs 
already back then. Howewer, if I have look at the NEWS file accompaning the Meld source package, the release 
relevant for that date has version number 1.7.3, which gets me really confused.

It'd be good if we can figure out, why are these URIs enabled and what does enable it. And I get my version 
number which I can use for packaging the feature requested for Nautilus Compare (of course, I could just test 
it in the wild and come up with some estimation).



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