Re: browse verisons idea

2009/4/15 Vincent Legoll <vincent legoll gmail com>:
> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Steve Franks <franks rudbek com> wrote:
>> 99% of the time all I do is compare the working copy with head
> Not even when searching for old bugs ? I'd say I do more than 1% looking
> at old revisions for my day job, but when developping new code, yeah,
> <= 1%

I personally do this much more often than 1%. A common scenario is
working on a feature or a fix in a new branch, making a few commits
and diffing the current branch with the master branch before
submitting a patch or merging the branch back to the master.

> I'd revisit the issue, because I don't think this feature would be that
> disruptive for meld, nor code maintenance-wise nor size-wise. And
> I'll add a switch to deactivate it... We'll see.

Vincent, when you have a (mostly-)working patch please post it on BGO.
I'd really like to play with it.


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