Re: [PATCHES] Don't use gnomevfs unless available

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 11:56:22PM +0200, Vincent Legoll wrote:
> 2 new uses of gnomevfs crept in since last December
> when people worked helping Greg Bowyer to integrate
> parts of his patch to make meld work on windows.
> The 2 uses can be made conditional upon gnomevfs
> module availability.

Can we push this one further and get away from using gnomevfs at all?
It's a crufty old lib that is almost entirely phased out everywhere in
gnome, being replaced by gio and gvfs for the past several release
cycles. One immediate bonus is that gio is part of glib itself, so it
seems unlikely one would *not* have it available and we wouldn't need
these availability tests.


Daniel Macks
dmacks netspace org

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